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Laseray Vaginal Tightening

The treatment is just a matter of few minutes. It does not take much time. It is a non-surgical treatment which is painless and totally safe. There is no harm done to the vagina during the process.

It is obvious that with age and time pleasure during sexual relations is reduced and because of less friction or lack of friction satisfaction descreases for both the partners. This happens because of overstretching of the vaginal wall. May be during childbirth or natural aging can weaken connective tissue relaxing muscles in the vagina. It was always a question in the minds of many that what now? There was no proper guidance or reliable solution to counter thinning of the wall. But, now it is possible. The tightening of the vagina is really possible and the treatment is just a matter of few minutes. It is pain free, a non-invasive laser treatment.

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About the treatment

It is an easy and simple non-surgical laser treatment that is highly effecient. During the procedure, there is a special attachment which is similar to a speculum that is used during a pap test, is inserted into the vagina. Through this the vaginal region is treated with short laser pulses through a small hand piece. The thermal effect on the vaginal mucosa stimulates collagen remodeling and the synthesis of new collagen fibres. The result is positive and you get to experience a tighter vagina.
This treatment is highly recommended and has got much positive results. Our patients are happy and satisfied and have remarked our services as the best.