A Panacea for all skin problems

Non surgical Skin resurfacing

You can easily get rid of wrinkles and scars with ease. There is absolutely no downtime. It is a wonderful treatment for patients looking for a resourceful solution therapy. There are a few sittings required during the process and results are outstanding and it is clinically approved.

Know about the process

During the treatment, energies are directed beneath the skin surface leading to a healing response in the dermis leading to new collagen and elastin. The treatment can be performed on the hands, face, neck, chest and other body parts. It is a globally recommended treatment and is upgrading at a great pace. The level of improvement that this treatment has shown is commendable.


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Feel it yourself

It is a hot snapping sensation once the laser reaches your skin but, is absolutely tolerable and you feel comfortable immediately after the application of a special numbing cream. You may feel the dark patches over the skin which happens because of the heat but, soon you can notice a quick recovery. Your skin can lead to colour variations and swelling for less than two days but the results you will see are totally worth.

  • Improve acne and appearance of stretch marks.
  • Plump the skin on the hands, reduce pore size.
  • Remove sun damage and age spots.
  • Minimize wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Soften deep lines and wrinkles.
  • Erase textural irregularities.